Macroscopic blue light excitation

Paul Kitts pakitts at clontech.com
Mon Jul 29 20:20:55 EST 1996

Chris Lau wrote:
> Does anyone have any suggestion for viewing and recording the 
> humanized and red-shifted GFP fluorescence in whole organ or animal.   
> Organs from EGFP transgenic mice unsuitable to be examined by 
> fluorescence microscopy will need to be analyzed with 35 mm or other 
> camera set up.  Does anyone know where to get (please suggest 
> vendors) a light source for excitation at 479 or 489 nm and camera 
> filters for detection of 507 or 511 nm EGFP emission?  What film(s) > is the best for such photographic recording?

EGFP does have some fluorescence when excited with UV light (much less 
than 488 excitation but about the same as wt GFP) so if you have 
enough GFP expressed you may be able to visualize & photograph under 
UV light.
I have been told you can put the excitation filter from a fluorescence 
microscope in front of a light source used for dissecting microscopes 
to get blue light to illuminate macroscopic samples. You then view 
through the emission filter. I have not actually seen the set up but 
may be someone who has done this can post more details.

-= Paul =- 

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