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Martin Chalfie chalfie at cubsps.bio.columbia.edu
Tue Jul 30 17:51:12 EST 1996

        Steve Kain (email: SteveK at clontech.com) and I are editing a book on 
GFP and we would like to get as much involvement from the scientific community 
as possible.  Below I have given an outline of the book and indicated the 
authors for each of the chapters.  If you would like to contribute information 
(e.g., manuscripts in press, unpublished results, pretty pictures, suggestions 
of topics that you would like to see covered, names of people whose work we 
should know about), please contact Steve. me or any of the authors.  I am 
particularly interested in hearing about experiences in organisms not covered 
by the chapters below.  We are on a rather tight schedule (we'd like to have a 
draft by the time of the Cell Biology Meeting in December), so please email us 
soon with your suggestions and comments.  Unfortunately, we cannot answer 
questions about how to use gfp, but we would like include your observations.  

Thanks for your help. 

Marty Chalfie
chalfie at cubsps.bio.columbia.edu

Table of Contents

Preface: General Introduction 
        Martin Chalfie and Steve Kain

Section 1: Background

Chapter 1: The Discovery of GFP
        Osamu Shimomura (email: shimomur at mbl.edu)

Chapter 2: Introduction to Bioluminescence and Biofluorescence 
        Woody Hastings (email: woody at hastingslab.harvard.edu)

Section 2: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of GFP

Chapter 3: Biochemical and Physical Properties of GFP
        Bill Ward (email: meton at rci.rutgers.edu)

Chapter 4: Structure of GFP
        George Phillips (email: georgep at rice.edu)

Chapter 5: Molecular Biology  and Modification of GFP 
        Douglas Prasher (email: dprasher at capecod.com) and Roger Tsien (email: 
rtsien at ucsd.edu)

Section 3: Applications of GFP

Chapter 6: Overview
        Martin Chalfie and Steve Kain

Chapter 7: The Uses of GFP in Prokayotes
        Raphel Valdivia (email: valdivia at cmgm.stanford.edu), Brendan Cormack, 
and Stanley Falkow

Chapter 8: The Uses of GFP in Yeast
        Pam Silver (email: pamela_silver at macmailgw.dfci.harvard.edu)

Chapter 9: The Uses of GFP in C. elegans
        Andy Fire (email: fire at mail1.ciwemb.edu)

Chapter 10: The Uses of GFP in Drosophila
        Tulle Hazelrigg (email:  tih1 at columbia.edu)

Chapter 11: The Uses of GFP in Plants
        Jim Haseloff (email: jh at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk)

Chapter 12: The Uses of GFP in Transgenic Vertebrates
        Nancy Hopkins (email: NHOPKINS at MIT.EDU)

Chapter 13: The Uses of GFP in Mammalian Cells
        Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz (email: jlippin at helix.nih.gov)

Chapter 14: Future Prospects 
                  Martin Chalfie and Steve Kain

Section 4: Appendix: Methods  and Protocols of the Use of GFP (Protocols, 
Equipment, Common Problems)
                 Sharyn Endow (email: endow at galactose.mc.duke.edu) and David 
Piston (email: dave.piston at mcmail.vanderbilt.edu)

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