rec. GFP-virus

LMIB MULLERS WIL WMULL at ms-azm-3.azm.nl
Wed Jul 31 04:42:58 EST 1996


Who has experience with recombinant animal virus expressing GFP, to 
be able to localize the virus in organ sections, as an alternative 
for Lac-Z ?. Until now I haven't found articles dealing with this 
matter, except for a plant virus (Plant-J. 7(6), 1995). Are low 
amounts of virus in a cell really critical for detection of GFP 
expression?. Can this significantly be improved by: a strong 
promoter,enhancer region/ GFP mutants yielding greater brightness/ 
localization of GFP to subcellular compartments ??. Maybe I missed a 
previous discussion on this subject, being just recently introduced 
to this newsgroup. Experiences and suggestions are very welcome !

          Rien Blok

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