GFP and networking problems

f.s.wouters f.s.wouters at chem.ruu.nl
Fri Mar 8 06:11:59 EST 1996

Hi everybody,

for some mysterious reason, I'm able to post here but can't read in 
bionet.molbio.proteins.fluorescent. I'd be grateful if you could reply 
by mail. Maybe someone can tell me where I can find the FAQ?
anyway, my question is about the pGFP-N3 N-terminal protein fusion 
vector (Clontech). To put the problem simple: IT DOESN'T WORK. No 
matter what, lower temperatures, different celltypes....even the 
control doesn't work.
Who has the same (or even better: the opposite) results with the same 
vector and knows what the problem is (or even better: was).

any aditional information on GFP fusion protein systems are very 

please use my mail address: petra at emsaserv.biol.ruu.nl , since I'm 
using somebody else's box right now (it's about time our network is 

Thanx a zillion in advance,

Petra de Graaf

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