Experiences with GFP in different colours

Jane D. Anonymous nobody at yale.edu
Wed Mar 13 11:58:50 EST 1996

  I tried the original GFP in FACS (oops, read "flow-cytometry") 
without success (transient or stable expression in HeLa cells with a 
cmv promoter).  The new "Greenlantern" from GIBCO/BRL/Life 
Technologies (really, how many names do they need?) works well.  It 
has a S65T mutation of the type described by Ropp et al. [Cytometry 
21:309-17 (1995)], who show that the excitation at 488 nm is much 
more efficient.  

disclaimer: my only relationship with G/B/L-T is that of a (usually) 
satisfied customer.

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