fluorescence of GFP

Michael Moser moser at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Mon Mar 18 11:13:11 EST 1996

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On 18 Mar 1996, Karen P Scott wrote:

> Hi, A while ago someone wrote into this news group describing the minitoring
> of GFP fluorescence using a fluorimeter in a process which required washing
> the cells expessing the GFP with buffer prior to reading the fluorescence.
> this avoided problems of fluorescence of LB. Unfortunately our computer
> system crashed and I lost the details of the buffer which the person had
> kindly sent me. Thus I would be very grateful to receive the details again,
> and also the wavelenghts used for optimal excitation. (We were exciting at
> 395nm and monitoring the emission at 509nm).
> Thanking you in advance, 
> Karen Scott.

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