How to unsubscribe (ie don't delete the FAQ!)

Michael Moser moser at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Fri Mar 22 13:56:02 EST 1996

On 22 Mar 1996, Anton Scott Goustin wrote:

> Please unsubscribe me.
> On 20 Mar 1996, Anton Scott Goustin wrote:
> > unsubscribe
> >

It seems that many of the postings lately have been of the above nature.
Therefore I append a portion of the BioSci info file located at:


Read this and you can unsubscribe yourself instead of bothering everybody
else on the list!

Info from file follows:
!!! PLEASE BE SURE to send all subscribe or unsubscribe commands only to
!!! the biosci-server at net.bio.net address and not to the newsgroup posting
!!! addresses where they will bother all of the readers!

Your e-mail address is obtained automatically from the header of your
mail message and should NOT be included on the subscribe/unsubscribe
command line unless you need to sign up at a different address than
the one you are currently using.  Such requests must be handled
manually by us and create extra work.  (Also you would be surprised at
how many people list their e-mail addresses incorrectly which then
results in nondelivery of mail, so please let our server obtain this
information automatically from your mail header.)

Multiple commands may be placed on separate lines in the same mail
message, i.e., you can include all of your subscribe and/or
unsubscribe requests in one mail message as long as each is on a
separate line.  If you put multiple commands in your mail message,
please put an


command as the last in your list of commands.  This helps avoid
sending to the server any signatures that might be automatically
included in your mail messages.

Here is a sample subscription message.  The address public at state-u.edu
would be automatically added to the BIONEWS and GRASSES-SCIENCE
mailing lists as the result of this message.  Note that the listname
for GRASSES-SCIENCE is "grasses" as derived from the address portion
to the left of the @ sign in the mailing address for GRASSES-SCIENCE
(see address table further below).

    To: biosci-server at net.bio.net
    From: J.Q. Public <public at state-u.edu>

    subscribe bionews
    subscribe grasses

Happy Unsubscribing!

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