GFP-fusion in plants

dinakar bhattramakki ddh at UNLINFO.UNL.EDU
Tue May 7 11:32:09 EST 1996

Hi GFP netters,

I am interested in producing a gfp fusion protein in Arabidopsis. I 
was just wondering whether any one of you have tried this and 
succeeded to get fusion protein. I would like to know some good 
references. I know Clontech sells vectors for N and C-terminal 
fusions. Do they work in plants? 

I have a wild type as well as modified GFP (mGFP4) in pBIN121. I am 
very much like to know stories/attempts in producing fusion 
protein with any one of these binary vectors in Agrobacterium mediated

Thanks in advance.

- Dinakar/ddh at unlinfo.unl.edu

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