New GFP request

'Mike' Michael J. Moser moser at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Tue May 7 13:07:11 EST 1996

Dear Mark,
	I thnk that you might have some problem expressing GFP in
Rhizobium.  Chromophore formation requires molecular oxygen.  E. coli
expressing GFP do not fluoresce when grown anaerobically.  Upon shift to
aerobic conditions, fluorescence slowly appears.  I don't know much about
Rhizobium, but I seem to remember from undergrad Biochemistry classes (at
UW-Madison!) that root nodules in legumes contain large amounts of oxygen
scavenging leghemoglobin protein.  Maybe you can culture your bugs

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On Mon, 6 May 1996 mab at plantpath.wisc.edu wrote:

> I'm a graduate student at Univ.Wisconsin-Madison and I am looking for the
> new version of GFP that is much brighter than the original.  I am planning
> on using this construct in bacteria (Rhizobium), so I need a construct
> that doesn't have introns.  Can anyone help me in obtaining a construct?
> Thanks a million,
>    Mark Bittinger (mab at plantpath.wisc.edu)

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