Green-Fluorescent Protein Recombinant DNA short course.

Daniel Gonzalez meton at niflheim.rutgers.edu
Sun May 19 17:37:26 EST 1996

I have been asked to announce the following short course which complements our offerings in protein purification.

                  The State University of New Jersey
                        Campus at New Brunswick

               Office of Continuing Professional Education
                   Programs in Biotechnology, Presents:

Recombinant DNA: A Six-Day, Hands-On Laboratory Course

                            June 23 - 28, 1996


                            August 18 - 23,1996

Course Description

This six-day hands-on laboratory course has been a popular on-going
program with the Cook College continuing education program since 1986.
The course is designed to help in the conceptualization of a cloning
experiment and executing it as a first step. This is followed by
analysis of the cloned gene using various techniques such as
expression screening, plasmid DNA isolation, restriction analysis,
Southern Blotting and DNA sequencing. Finally, site-directed
mutagenesis will be used to establish structure-function relationships.

For the first time the course will use the now very popular Green-
Fluorescent protein (GFP) gene as a model marker for gene expression.
All manipulations will be conducted on this gene. This enables the
participants to get a perspective of the process of gathering biological
information on a single gene using various techniques. The focus will be
on a problem solving approach to gain as much information concerning the
gene as possible.  Theoretical background and ideas for troubleshooting
will be presented.

For further details you can reach us,

by E-mail at:  meton at rci.rutgers.edu
by phone at:  (908) 932-9071 extension 212
by FAX at:  (908) 932-8965

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