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Tue May 21 18:59:50 EST 1996

I have e-mailed a similar message to:  fluorpro at net.bio.net
If they are being redundant to the same audience, I appologize.

I am in an Introduction to Biology course in a 3 week interim session.
This Friday, my study group of 4 is to present a 15 minute report to the
class on the topic of Bioluminescence.

In our second day of FRANTIC research (via the Internet and local public
science libraries), we've discovered a major raodblock...
The material we've found is either a brief definition of Bioluminescence
the results of a very advanced and time consuming study or experiment.

As this is an introductory course for non-biology majors, I hope you could
assist in pointing us in the right direction (i.e., in layman's terms, a
brief synopsis of bioluminescence including some current uses and possibly
future developments).

Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Please E-mail any informaiton to me at:  ShannonVrn at aol.com

Thanking you in advance,

Shannon Viren

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