GFP-transgenic mammalian cells?

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Subject: Re: GFP-transgenic mammalian cells?
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>Hello everybody,
>I have heard and read already various reports about successful
>*transfection* of GFP-fusion proteins DNA into mammalian cells, but I can
>not remember any stable *transgenic* mammalian gfp-producing cells.
>Have I just not found the respective reports? If there are indeed none, is
>there any idea why it does not work?
>Steffen Dietzel

Dear Steffen, 
it works ! At least in Burkitt+s lymphoma cell lines, which are of B-cell 
origin. I+ve established cell lines stably transfected with a high- and 
low-expressing gfp-construct 6 weeks ago, they grew out quite esily (nice to 
follow them growing on a 96 well plate by the way) and are still living happily 
with almost no change in brightness of gfp-fluorescence. So at least these cells 
have found a way to deal with gfp-turnover and degradation (some of the cells 
actually didnt so they turned into big green blastoid-like cells). This work has 
not been published yet, so you surely dont find it the literature.

Hope this helps !

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