Brenda Schulman Schulman at HELIX.MGH.HARVARD.EDU
Fri May 31 17:59:27 EST 1996

In reply to:

>I have two quick GFP questions: I am trying to express a GFP-reporter
>construct in HeLa cells, and I am wondering (1) what is the halflife of
>GFP in a mammalian cell, and (2) how long does it take to get expression
>of GFP from the time of induction of the construct?
>Thanks in advance! kathleen

I also would like to know the half-life of GFP in mammalian cells, so would
people mind responding to this query to the whole user group or to me as
well?  Also, does anyone have an inducible expression system for GFP in
mammalian cells?



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