commercial sources for GFP mutants

Gabriel Favelukes fave at nitfix.edu.ar
Sun Nov 3 02:53:29 EST 1996

I would also be grateful if any replies are sent also to the list, to 
ensure wide circulation.
Many thanks, 
Gabriel Favelukes <fave at nitfix.edu.ar>

On  1 Nov 96 at 5:48, Cecile Favre <cfavre at umabnet.ab.umd.edu> wrote 
about Re: commercial sources for GFP muta:

> I am also interested to know about commercial GFP mutants.  I would very
> much appreciate if you let me know about it. 
> Thank you very much
> Cecile Favre
> On 31 Oct 1996, Fei Zhu wrote:
> > We are working on protein interaction assays using GFP.  I would like to
> > know if there are any commercial sources for GFP mutants.
> > Thank you. Fei Zhu
> > e-mail: fei at lxr.com
> > 
> > 
> > 

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