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Dear Jean,=20
the Hoechst dyes bind to double-stranded DNA and to single-stranded DNA =
to a much less amount and NOT to RNA. A number of publication which =
measure DNA-damage (such as single-strand breaks and double-strand =
breaks) make use of this different DNA-binding behaviour of ss-DNA and =
ds-DNA after partially unwinding of DNA with different amount of damage. =
The list of publications follows:
Mutat. Res. 316: 201-208 (1996) Correlation between age and DNA damage =
detected by FADU in human peripheral blood lymphocytes. M. C. Chicca, C. =
Nesti, M. Muzzoli, P. Pasetti & S. Pinamonti
Neoplasma 42: 115-118 (1995) Induction of single strand DNA breaks in =
workers professionally exposed to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. J. =
Salagovic, I. Kalina & K. Dubayova
Free Radic Res Commun 16: 381-9 (1992) Comparison of DNA strand break =
induction in CHO cells measured by alkaline elution and by fluorometric =
analysis of DNA unwinding (FADU). C. Baumstark-Khan, U. Griesenbach & H. =
Methods Enzymol 234, 88-102 (1994) Alkaline elution versus fluorescence =
analysis of DNA unwinding. Baumstark-Khan, 1994=20
Hum Exp Toxicol 11: 77-82 (1992) Induction of DNA strand breaks in =
peripheral lymphocytes by soluble chromium compounds. M. Gao, S. P. =
Binks, J. K. Chipman, L. S. Levy, R. A. Braithwaite & S. S. Brown
Mutat Res 281: 17-23 (1992) Detection by fluorescence analysis of DNA =
unwinding and unscheduled DNA synthesis, of DNA damage and repair =
induced in vitro by direct-acting mutagens on human lymphocytes. L. =
Celotti, P. Ferraro & M. R. Biasin
Strahlenther Onkol 167: 35-40 (1991) Differences in repair of radiation =
induced damage in two human tumor cell lines as measured by cell =
survival and alkaline DNA unwinding. J. H. Schwachofer, R. P. =
Crooijmans, H. Hoogenhout, H. B. Kal, R. Q. Schaapveld & J. Wessels
Methods Enzymol 186, 550-5 (1990) Fluorometric analysis of DNA unwinding =
to study strand breaks and repair in mammalian cells. Birnboim, 1990
Environ Mol Mutagen 11, 449-60 (1988) EDTA alkaline elution =
characteristics and measurement of DNA damage in unlabeled DNA using =
Hoechst 33258 fluorescence. Ducore, 1988=20
Br J Haematol 65: 51-5 (1987) Mitozantrone-induced toxicity and DNA =
strand breaks in leukaemic cells. A. D. Ho, E. Seither, D. D. Ma & H. G. =
Cancer Res 41, 1889-92 (1981) Fluorometric method for rapid detection of =
DNA strand breaks in human white blood cells produced by low doses of =
radiation. Birnboim, 1981     =20

Some of these papedrs use dyes others than Hoechst, but the methodology =
is comparable. Useage of Hoechst dyes is the most simple anaysis.

Christa Baumstark-Khan
Institut f=FCr Luft- und Raumfahrtmedizin, Abt. Strahlenbiologie
Linder Hoehe
D-51147 Koeln

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