C-term fusions

Kent Hill kenhill at blue.weeg.uiowa.edu
Sat Nov 16 19:16:43 EST 1996

I am expressing GFP (mut3b version from Cormack et al, Gene 173, 1996) in 
trypanosomes. I see excellent expression by fluorescence microscopy and 
western blot analysis when I use just GFP.  However, with two different 
constructs that each add 35 amino acids to the C-terminus of GFP I see no 
fluorescence by fluorescence microscopy, even though the fusion  proteins 
are abundantly expressed based on western blots. One of the C-terminal 
"tails" is quite hydrophobic while the other is not. 

Has anyone else experienced problems with C-terminal GFP fusions, either 
in general, or with short and/or H-phobic peptides?

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated

Kent Hill

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