Protein Multiple Sequences Editor on IuBio FTP-server

Alexy Eroshkin eroshkin at vector.nsk.su
Tue Sep 3 05:23:00 EST 1996

To: fluorpro at dl.ac.uk
From: eroshkin at vector.nsk.su <Alexey Eroshkin>
Subject: Protein Multiple Sequences Editor on IuBio FTP-server

Dear All,

ProMSED, Protein Multiple Sequences EDitor for MS Win 3.x/95
is available now from IuBIO software library:
(as self-extracted archive).

ProMSED is an easy-to-use application for automatic
and manual multiple protein sequences alignment, alignment editing,
analysis and printing. Interface and the main functions are similar to
Microsoft Word. ProMSED can align complete set of sequences, its subset
and any selected block, providing thus flexible tool for sequences
analysis, visualization, edition and illustrations preparation.

Some features:
o reads five sequence formats (NBRF/PIR, Pearson (Fasta),
  EMBL/SwissProt, Intelligenetics and CLUSTAL) and combines sequences
  from different files;
o automatic multiple sequence alignment with ClustalV algorithm;
o single and multiple sequence input and edit;
o manual alignment includes sequences grouping, blocks deleting,
  pasting, etc.;
o visual analysis is facilitated by amino amino acid coloring reflecting
  aa similarity in physico-chemical, mutational and other properties;
o option for interactive alignment in selected block, leaving unchanged
  previously aligned regions;
o outputs alignment in two formats, produces publication quality
o loads several protein families into different windows;
o a HELP is included.

Special thanks to Dr. Desmond Higgins for source code of ClustalV.

Demo version has limits on length and number of sequences.
Comments, bug reports and suggestions for new features are welcome and
should be sent by email to eroshkin at vector.nsk.su. Inquiries can be
addressed to:
Dr. Alexey Eroshkin               Institute of Molecular Biology
E.mail: eroshkin at vector.nsk.su    State Research Center of Virology and
Tel: +7 (3832) - 647774           Biotechnology "Vector"
Fax: +7 (3832) - 328831           Koltsovo, Novosibirsk Region 633159

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