General GFP in yeast

Peter Corish pcor at bioch.ox.ac.uk
Tue Sep 3 12:51:17 EST 1996

  We have a final year undergraduate student, who would like to use GFP in
S.cervisiae as a marker for chromosome stability.
   Does anybody have GFP(preferably S65T, but not essential)  expressed
from a good yeast promoter that gives a nice fluorescent signal.  It isn't
a problem if it is a fusion protein that is localised to a cell structure,
but if it is localised it must be easily seen without too powerful a
magnification (x20 or x40 objectives). 
   It would be much appreciated if you were willing to share this
construct with for the purposes of this project.
  Thanks alot
Pete Corish,
CRC Chromosome Mol.Biol.Group,
Dept. of Biochemistry,
University of Oxford,
South Parks Road,
Oxford OX1 3QU

Tel:- 01865 275222

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