GFP in nucleus?

Gerard Rouwendal g.j.a.rouwendal at ato.dlo.nl
Wed Sep 18 04:39:55 EST 1996

Baulcombe et al. (Plant J 7: 1045-1053 [1995]) report that in PVX-GFP 
infected cells 'The nucleus was the most intensely fluorescent structure 
in the cell...'. Similarly, using fluorescence microscopy we can readily 
distinguish mesophyll cells of transformants expressing the gfp gene 
under the control of the E35S promoter from control cells; in fact it is 
the clearest and most characteristic difference between them. Whether 
this phenomenon has anything to do with sequences promoting GFP 
translocation across the nuclear envelope as suggested by Baulcombe et al 
. in the abovementioned paper remains to be seen. 
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