Penetration of cytoplasmic GFP into the nucleus

Andy amcshea at world.std.com
Thu Sep 19 23:21:43 EST 1996

David Galbraith (dgalbrai at AG.ARIZONA.EDU) wrote:
: Does anyone have any references to (or observations of) penetration of
: cytoplasmically expressed GFP into the nucleoplasm?

We observed mostly cytoplasmic, some nuclear, but rarely both, GFP 
fluorescence in RAT2 fibroblasts transfected with the pGreenLantern GFP 
construct (no NLS). The fibroblasts were FACs sorted 2 weeks after 
transfection and it was pretty surprising to see some clones expressing 
it in the nucleus and others (more as one would expect) in the cytoplasm.
Just an observation..... not a publication.......   :)


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