BFP anyone?

A. S. Goustin Lab hivlab at CMB.BIOSCI.WAYNE.EDU
Tue Aug 5 17:50:00 EST 1997

On Mon, 4 Aug 1997, Jamie White wrote:
> I would recommend trying the Clontech EBFP, actually.  The catalog number is
> 6068-1.  More information is on their web site (http://www.clontech.com/).
> I have had good results with their pEGFP vectors.
> Sorry I can't be of more help.  I'll be surprised if anyone gets BFP to work
> very well.  I've been fooling with it for quite a while, with not very good
> results.

We just bought the mammalian BFP expression vector pQBI50-BFP from Quantum
Biotechnologies (Laval, Quebec) which features F64L, Y66H, V163A, a CMV
promoter, neoR, and an Nhe I site just downstream from the ATG useful for
creating fusion proteins.  We'll transfect it this week and let you know
how things go.  I was attracted to the nice Nhe I site useful for fusing
gfp to the C-termius of cellular proteins.  We bloody hope we can get it
working, 'cause our real aim is FRET.

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