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FLUORESCENT-PROTEINS/bionet.molbio.proteins.fluorescent Newsgroup Charter
Bioluminescence, the production of visible light by living
organisms, is a fascinating biological phenomenon. In addition,
bioluminescent organisms have provided biologists with several
powerful research tools: Luciferases which are used as highly
sensitive quantitative reporter genes, Aequorin which is used to
report on intracellular levels of Ca++ ions, the pycobiliproteins,
and most recently Green fluorescent protein (GFP) which is a 
novel reporter that can be used to monitor gene expression and 
protein localization inside living cells and organisms. 

This newsgroup is intended to provide a forum for discussion of
bioluminescence, to promote further development of reporter
proteins obtained from bioluminescent organisms, and to
facilitate their application to interesting biological

We anticipate that the participants in this newsgroup will be:
- scientists studying the biology and biochemistry of 
- scientists developing new or improved fluorescent proteins,
  luciferases or aequorin-like proteins.
- scientists using these reporter proteins in their research.
- scientists developing instruments for the imaging or 
  quantitation of the light emitted by these reporters.

The newsgroup is intended to provide :
- a forum for the discussion of ideas, problems and recent 
  developments concerning light emitting reporter proteins.
- a place for sharing unpublished results, both successes and 
- a source of help on methodological and technical problems.
- opportunities for collaborative efforts between labs.
Moderation Policy:  Mass-posted commercial messages, chain letters, and
similar postings not to the stated purposes of the charter will be
deleted without comment. Inappropriate messages posted in good faith will
be returned to the sender.  Messages not strictly within the charter but
likely to be of interest to many subscribers will be accepted.
Use of the newsgroup for commercial purposes is prohibited.

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