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Niklas ngn at midgard.liu.se
Thu Aug 7 03:54:53 EST 1997


pKEN contains GFPmut1, 2 & 3 made by Cormack (Cormack, B.P., Valdivia, R.
H. & Falkow, S. Gene 173:33-38) which are some of the brigthest GFP around.
Information about pKEN can be found in Ezaz-Nikpay, K., Uchino, K., Lerner,
R.E. & Verdine, G.L. Protein Science 3:132-138.

You can probably get the plasmids from Dr Cormack. If you have any more
questions just send me an email.


>My name is Scott, and I am a reader of the fluro-pro newsgroup.  Much
>earlier in the year,  I remember someone mentioned that they were using the
>pKEN plasmids with their GFP constructs. I was wondering what are the
>attractions and details of these plasmids, plasmid maps etc, as I have not
>been able to find out any information about them, or where they can be
>purchased from. Any information would be most helpful.
>At 09:01 AM 2/26/97 -0000, you wrote:
>>Do you know if there is any difference between pKEN and pKEN2? I use the =
>>GFP-plasmids designed by Cormack and he's using pKEN
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