GFP visualization in Arabidopsis

Christoph Reichel reichel at SCRIPPS.EDU
Thu Aug 7 16:06:15 EST 1997

Dear Natasha,

from what your saying I guess you are using a filter set with a longpass
emission filter, which then leads to detection of chlorophyll
autofluorescence in green tissue. So you might look around for a bandpass
(emission) filter set which will exclude the red autofluorescence.


>I am hoping to use GFP as a marker for gene activity in specific cell
>layers of chimeric plants.  We have no problem seeing mGFP5 in the
>root (and petals), but cannot resolve GFP fluorescence from background
>autofluorescence in the leaves, sepals and other chlorophyll
>containing organs. Is there a special filter to use on a standard
>microscope, or apparatus (other than confocal) which would allow
>quick characterization?
>Thanks in advance for your suggestions,
>Natasha Myers
>Sieburth Lab
>McGill University
>Montreal, PQ

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