viewing GFP protein on Western blot

Barnes, Anthony abarne at lsumc.edu
Tue Aug 12 23:26:44 EST 1997


Julie is right. Fully denatured GFP doesn't fluoresce. However, according to
Clontech's Application Notes fluorescence can be observed on native or 1%
SDS gels (Inouye & Tsuji, 1994). 


On 12 Aug 1997, Alex Chang wrote:

> I am planning to do immunoprecipitation of my GFP-tagged protein, after 
> SDS-PAGE and transblotting onto a membrane, look at the GFP-tagged protein 
> directly by a UV light source without using antibody detection (or simply 
> look at the gel directly without transblotting).
> I'd like to know anyone has done this, and what kind of UV source can be 
> used.
> Alex Chang

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