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> Dear GFP-ers, 
> I would like to find out a few things about gfp, or the new modified
> versions of gfp such as the ones sold by Clonetech. 
> I plan to express a gfp fusion protein where a nuclear protein is fused
> to the Nterm of gfp. I plan to express this in the mouse and FACS sort
> live cells obtained from such mice.
> 1. does anyone have any experience with FACS sorting of gfp expressing
> cells ? Does it work with mesenchymal embryonic cells ?

The EGFP-Mutatation from Clontech was found by FACS. The procedure is
described in the "Clontechniqes" April 1996, also available at their

> 2. is there a convenient source of gfp DNA that would have the following
> structure:
>         multiple cloning site (MCS)-gfp- poly A addition site - MCS  

I' guess all the commercial products should have that. The structure of
two GFP's  e.g. is described in the same issue of "Clontechniques"

> 3. does this group have a FAQ ? If so, where could i find it ?

Not to my knowledge, but there is the general bionet archive, where you
can find older messages from the newsgroup:

There is also a searchable index.


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