a device to measure whole plant fluorescence

Candace Waddell Candace_Waddell at maclan.mcgill.ca
Wed Feb 26 13:10:35 EST 1997

In article <nstewart.5.00115300 at goodall.uncg.edu>,
nstewart at goodall.uncg.edu wrote:

> Are there any labs out there who might be interested in purchasing a
device to 
> measure organ-level fluorescence of GFP transgenic plants.  I am in the 
> process of cooperating with a company to develop such a hand-held device, and 
> am interested if it might benefit anyone else.  We envisage a device that 
> would provide a digital readout indicating the amount of active GFP in a 
> transgenic plant.  Cheers, Neal
> nstewart at goodall.uncg.edu


My lab would be interested in such a devise.  Our use would be very simple
- to identify within a segregating population those plants positiveand
negative for GFP.

Candace Waddell
Dept. of Biology
McGill University

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