Counting GFP colonies

Wed Jan 8 13:20:08 EST 1997

On 6 Jan 1997, Paul Boucher wrote:

> I am interested in counting colonies that stably express GFP for 
> cytotoxicity assessment studies.  I want to be able to count colonies 
> that lack and express GFP.  Is there an easier way of doing this than 
> counting the colonies under a fluorescent microscope?  Perhaps some sort 
> of fluorescent dish scanner.  I would appreciate any input.  Thank-you.
> 	Laura Zerbe Rubsam

   I have been able to look at the fluorescence of yeast colonies with 
high levels of s65t gfp on petri plates using a slide projector and an 
optical filter for illumination.        

Stephen Cronin
scronin at jeeves.ucsd.edu

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