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Christoph Reichel reichel at SCRIPPS.EDU
Fri Jan 10 12:43:47 EST 1997

As I guessed there is a high interest in the issue of using a slide
projector (or something similiar simple) for the excitation of GFP. Since I
have been asked by several interested colleques, whether I have received
answer on my questions concerning excitation with a slide projector, I post
this answer to the newsgroup:
>Dear Christoph Reichel;
>I've used a slide projector with a blue glass filter.  In general, any
>filter that cuts off before 450nm should work.  Just rig is to be the same
>size as a slide.
>I've found that a blacklight (bought at Spencer's in the mall) is far
>superior to a slide projector for one major reason.  Slide projectors use
>incandescent bulbs.  These bulbs don't emit much blue light and almost no
>UV.  Fluorescent lighting is not limited in this respect.  These bulbs are
>pre-filtered and work quite well for bacterial colonies.
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Any further suggestions will be highly appreciated,


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