GFP 1/2 life

Beat Ludin ludin at FMI.CH
Thu Jun 19 01:31:00 EST 1997

MPalacios wrote:

>question: has anyone dtermined the 1/2 life of GFP protein?
> eg: if my 
>vector was transiently induced and inhibited sending a bolus of GFP ..how 
>long will that GFP last? 

This seems to be highly dependent on the system/cell type. I've 
heard/read figures ranging from 30 minutes up to several days. Also, if 
GFP is used in a fusion construct, it's halflife can be strongly 
influenced by that of the fusion partner.

>Clontech says that a transient expression is on 
>the order of something like 2-3 days.

This will probably depend on the construct. In all the cell lines I've 
used so far (quite a few), transient GFP expression from our beta-actin 
promotor driven vectors lasted for at least a week (for CHO, 3T3, Hela, 
etc., i.e. until the cells died) up to more than six weeks (e.g. in 
primary hippocampal cells).

Anyway, my comments won't really help you, I'm afraid. I propose that you 
just give a try.


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