Digital Cameras

Greg Roman roman at bcm.tmc.edu
Thu Jun 19 08:30:15 EST 1997

About two years ago we purchased a Kodak DCS 420 with IP labs software for
about $ 10K (No Affliations with Cited Manufactors).  This Camera has a
Nikon N-90 body and easily mounts our Axiophot. We have a semi-dedicated
PowerPC to handle the images with Photoshop (128 Meg RAM; Radius monitor
and 24 bit vid card etc...).  The images can be beautiful, and printed on
dye-subs without loss of resolution. Definitely publication quality.  I
will be happy to answer any additional questions.  

Gregg Roman

roman at bcm.tmc.edu

In article <5o63q8$ii6$2 at newsmaster.cc.columbia.edu>,
chalfie at cubsps.bio.columbia.edu (Martin Chalfie) wrote:

> I'm finally tired of waiting for pictures to be developed and am thinking of 
> getting a digital camera for our Axiophot.  What experiences have people had 
> with these cameras and which cameras are the best to get?  I'd appreciate 
> approximates prices, if you know them.  Thanks.
> Marty Chalfie
> mc21 at columbia.edu

Gregg Roman
Department of Cell Biology
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, Tx 77030

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