Digital Cameras

Roger McCleary mccleary at netacc.net
Thu Jun 19 21:10:47 EST 1997

Martin Chalfie wrote:
> I'm finally tired of waiting for pictures to be developed and am thinking of
> getting a digital camera for our Axiophot.  What experiences have people had
> with these cameras and which cameras are the best to get?  I'd appreciate
> approximates prices, if you know them.  Thanks.
> Marty Chalfie
> mc21 at columbia.edu

I have personal experience with two high resolution digital camera
For fluorescence photography we use an Apogee cooled ccd camera (-15 C
is adequate for this use) with the Kodak KAF1600 detector. Fast,
sensitive and low noise 12-bit images. Apogee has a variety of cameras
with different chips depending on requirements for cost, resolution,
sensitivity, bit depth, etc. http://www.apogee-ccd.com/

For brightfield microscopy we use a Kodak Megaplus 1.4 camera. This is
an 8 bit camera from which our image analyzer (Quantimet 600) grabs 1K x
1K images. Newer cameras are available:

You may need an output device. We use a Kodak Colorease thermal printer;
newer models are available that are faster. Unlike some "popularly
priced" inkjets we have tried, color reproduction and photographic look
were very good on the first try.

R. McCleary

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