The largest GFP fusion protein?

David Galbraith galbraith at ARIZONA.EDU
Tue Jun 24 13:23:48 EST 1997

We made a GFP-GUS fusion.  Monomeric size ca 100kD.  Since GUS is a
tetramer, and the fusion has GUS activity, this *might* represent 400kD in
"true" size.  Ref:  Plant Journal  11:573-586 (1997).

David Galbraith 
At 11:22 AM 6/24/97 +0200, Yiming Bao wrote:
>I am trying to find out what the largest GFP fusion protein was in any
>expression system.  Your information (including references) would be
>greatly appreciated.
>Yiming Bao
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>ybao at noble.org
>Il-Ryong Choi
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