GFP transformation/expression

McCrea smf at LAN2WAN.COM
Wed Jun 25 18:39:45 EST 1997

	I'm trying to use GFP to tag oglios for macrophage research.  Right now
we're in the basic stages, transforming the E. coli and purifing the
plasmid.  We're using HB101 cells with p-EGFP (for C-terminus
attachment) from Clontech, and the gene is only expressible in mammalian
cells.  We just failed to confirm the plasmid in the E. coli through
purification and gel electrophorsis.  Is there any tricks or hints I
should know from you experienced scientists (I'm just doing summer
research at WRAIR in Wash. D.C. for experience for college
[Duke!])           Chad McCrea

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