Test for transformation efficiency

Julianne Smith Julianne.Smith at curie.fr
Mon Jun 30 05:31:53 EST 1997

I am trying to use GFP as a control for my transformation efficiency.  I am
using transformed human B cells.  My problem is that I am having trouble
quantitating my flourescence.  By microscopy I can detect some flourescence
but when I try to do FACS analysis I can't detect anything.  I am using
EGFP and for the FACS analysis I am using an FITC filter.  However I detect
the same flouescence in both transformed and untransformed cells.

Help.  Any suggestions????

Julianne Smith, UMR 218
Institut Curie Sction de Recherche
26, rue d'Ulm
Paris 75231 Cedex 05

Phone: 01 42 34 66 90

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