Unwanted messages

A. S. Goustin Lab hivlab at CMB.BIOSCI.WAYNE.EDU
Mon Jun 30 17:16:02 EST 1997

On 30 Jun 1997, John J. Lemasters wrote:

> I suggest we give the list server a new name so we can get rid
> of the jerk (asshole, cretin, etc.) who keeps advertising'
> his pornography, at least for a while.

Doesn't bother me any more than the messages we've had in the last week

*  Are You In Need of A Lifestyle Change?
*  Free russian introduction service, meet russian ladies
*  Lowest INTERNATIONAL calling RATES available!

They are all equally easy to dump in few sec with a few keystrokes.  What
bothers me more is some of the gfp-related mail, which I actually spend
time reading before I realize there's no interesting content.  One
solution is to have the group monitored and censored by an intermediate
party, as they do in many newsgroups.

Unless somebody volunteers to be the moderator, I'd say just leave things
as is.

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