yellow varient of GFP

David N. Levy levy at uab.edu
Fri Nov 7 10:52:38 EST 1997

Clontech is now selling a yellow variant called EYFP.  According to
their literature it is as bright at EGFP and can be distinguished from
EGFP in FACS analysis.

I am not connected with Clontech in any way.

In article <63upa1$h1a$1 at bignews.shef.ac.uk>
BOP96SJH at shef.ac.uk (S J Hunter) writes:

> Can anyone tell me if there is a yellow varient of GFP, and if so is there any 
> literature on it ??  
> Thanks

David N. Levy
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, AL 35294-0007

levy at uab.edu

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