hi/yellow variant of GFP

David N. Levy levy at uab.edu
Mon Nov 10 13:02:47 EST 1997

Clontech makes pEYGFP.
tel 800 662-2566
orders at clontech.com

I am not connected with Clontech.

In article
<Pine.GSO.3.96.971110114001.1506B-100000 at callisto.acsu.buffalo.edu>
nmorales at ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU (Neva Morales) writes:

> Hi,
> a couple of days ago, i received a message regarding a yellow variant of
> gfp.  does clontech make it?...does anyone know if and where i can obtain
> a small sample?.....
> thanks,
> nm

David N. Levy
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, AL 35294-0007

levy at uab.edu

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