EGFP-filter and muscle specific promoter

Hans Peter M.M. Lauritzen H.P.Lauritz at mfi.ku.dk
Tue Nov 18 13:51:56 EST 1997

Hello fellow colleagues.

I am trying to express a EGFP-fusion in muscle and monitor this expression
with the 41017 filter from Chroma(exi:470/40, emi:525/50, dicro:495LP). I
do not think this filter is optimal for EGFP-imaginig.
Does anyone have an idea regarding the best optical data for an EGFP filter
set and from which company it can be obtained. I know that the optimal
filter set might change with type of cells used, type of fusion etc.

In addition I would like to ask if anybody know where it is possible to get
a GFP vector containing a muscle specific promoter.
Any help will be highly apriciated.


					MFI Bygn. 12.4
					Panum institutet
					Blegdamsvej 3 C
					2200 Copenhagen N

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