wildtype gfp gene or cds

'Mike' Michael J. Moser moser at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Tue Nov 25 11:21:34 EST 1997

That sequence is one of the wt sequences.  I believe that there are some
other polymorphic variants but I'm not an expert on this...


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On 25 Nov 1997, zhangj wrote:

> Hi,
> Can anyone tell me how many WILD-TYPE gfp complete cds are available
> till now? Where can I find their background? I mean that is isolate
> directely from organism, not those mutants derived from them. I have
> searched them in GenBank, and only find one(Ormo et al,gfp10),but
> somebody told me that there are many isoforms of the Aequorea victoria
> GFP (CDNA & genomic DNA) in GenBank, I think he may means those mutants
> obtains in labs.
> Thanks

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