Patricia Holden holden at EOS.CRSEO.UCSB.EDU
Mon Aug 10 19:46:32 EST 1998

I am in the market for a fluorometer for each DNA quantification and GFP
(red shift allele) quantification.  I have little experience with this
instrument, particularly for the latter application.  Currently, I am
looking at three different instruments (catalog cuts and quotes only):

1. Turner Designs model TD-700
2.  Turner (Barnstead/ Thermolyne) model 450
3. Bio Rad , model VersaFluor

Would anyone with experience, good or bad, with any of these instruments
please give me their opinions?  Thank you for any and all advice on the
quality and versatility.  I want to buy an instrument that will be a long
term investment in quantifying fluorescence, therefore versatility is
important.  However, I see that there is a range in prices (in the order
listed).  I can't afford to buy a spectrofluorometer (at least from what I
have seen).  Thanks again.

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