GFP and microplate readers

Malcolm Ogg rmhamso at ucl.ac.uk
Thu Aug 13 08:58:18 EST 1998

I have succeeded (eventually) in detecting GFP expression in HepG2 cells
in a 6 well culture plate using a fluorescence microplate reader, and
believe that I have detected slight (only just above background)
expression in 3T3 cells in a 24 well plate.
As yet I have not been able to detect blue or yellow variants, and I
have been unable to detect anything in 96 well plates.

If anyone can offer any advice about this I would be very grateful -
also if anyone has any views about which fluorescent microplate readers
to buy (or which to avoid) I would also appreciate the advice.

So, if anyone is detecting GFP in a 96 well plate with a microplate
reader then please drop me a line,

Cheers in advance

Malcolm (rmhamso at ucl.ac.uk)

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