GFP-URA3 fusion

carol burck cburck at MBCRR.HARVARD.EDU
Thu Aug 20 15:12:48 EST 1998

I am interested in finding out if anyone has a plasmid with a GFP-URA3
fusion that actually works (in yeast). This fusion could be either on a
yeast plasmid, or not on a yeast plasmid but with sites available for
cloning out the fusion. I would also be interested in a  construct where
the URA3 and GFP weren't fused, but were located immediately adjacent to
each other, with only as much room between them as is necessary to allow
expression of both genes. Both high expression promoters such as GAL1 and
lower expression promoters are of interest.

I have begun designing the construction of such a vector(s), but if I can
get them already made it would certainly help. Also, any pointers as the
best way to construct such beasts would be appreciated. I have several
versions of GFP available, and most likely will use the S65T variant.

Any information and advice will be greatly appreciated.

Carol Burck

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