ANS-probe conditions

Rasmus Wendelbo Nielsen snegl at diku.dk
Sun Dec 6 10:34:50 EST 1998

Have anyone any experience in using 8-anilino-1-naphtalene sulfonate or
other isomers of ANS?
I'm especially interested in comments on what buffer-type(s) you have
used, ANS concentration and the temperature dependence on ANS
fluorescence intensity.
Right now I'm planning to use a 100 mM Tris-HCl, pH 8.1 buffer. Not to
waste too much of my protein, I want to use as low concentrations as
possible i.e. a ANS concentration of below 5 uM and a fivefold excess of
ANS (1uM protein) as standard conditions. It would obviously be easiest
to do it at room temperature.

Many thanks for any suggestions,
Rasmus W. Nielsen

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