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File Detect File at Detect.com
Sun Dec 20 01:17:39 EST 1998

File Detect:

File Detect is a Windows 95 program.
This program detects new, modified or deleted files in your disk.
Also detects new or deleted folders (Directories).
This is very useful to know what files (As to be *.DLL's, *.OCX's,
*.HLP's and many other) are copied to your disk when you install a new
driver or make a change in the system configuration.

As you know, when you install a program or driver in your disk, a lot of

files are installed in your system folders, Some times you uninstall a
and these files remain there occupying several MB of space in your disk.

Think about it. How many times do you download a program from the
How many games?.
With File Detect you can take control on this situation since all what
copied to your disk is detected.

For more information about this program and for downloading it visit
the home page: www.angelfire.com/fl/filedetect

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