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Beat Ludin ludin at FMI.CH
Sun Dec 20 19:47:55 EST 1998

Hello folks

Here comes a little advertisement on my own behalf. It's not a commercial 
one - so I hope you won't mind.

     compiled by B. Ludin and A. Matus
     brought to you by Trends in Cell Biology (Elsevier Science)

The "GFP in Motion" CD-ROM was released officially at the annual meeting 
of the ASCB in San Francisco. It contains more than 150 movies 
illustrating a multitude of applications for GFP. The CD-ROM is intended 
for personal information and teaching. It runs under both MacOS and 
Windows 95/98.

Thanks to generous sponsoring by Applied Imaging, Chroma, Clontech, Leica 
Microsystems, Life Imaging Services, Life Science Resources, and 
Universal Imaging, Trends in Cell Biology is able to offer this CD-ROM 
for free! 

To get a FREE COPY OF "GFP IN MOTION" (as long as supplies last) send a 
request to 
<tcb at elsevier.co.uk>. Subscribers to Trends in Cell Biology don't need to 
apply, since they will get the CD-ROM as a supplement with the February 

At this point, I would like to thank all the contributors who have made 
this CD-ROM possible. I hope you all like the it.

Beat Ludin

Dr. Beat Ludin, FMI, Maulbeerstr 66, 4058 Basel, Switzerland
Tel. +41 61 697 6697 / FAX +41 61 697 3976

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