immunolabel of GFP-expressing drosophila embryos

Andre Klarsfeld Andre.Klarsfeld at iaf.cnrs-gif.fr
Wed Dec 23 07:16:51 EST 1998

I'm having trouble immunolabeling drosophila embryos that express GFP.
Specifically, the heptane-treatment required for fixation before antibody
is added appears to destabilize GFP. The better the antibody labelling, the
weaker the remaining GFP signal. Any suggestions welcome !

Andre Klarsfeld
"Genetique moleculaire des rythmes circadiens"
CNRS Inst. A. Fessard
91198 GIF-SUR-YVETTE cedex
tel : 33-(0)1 69 82 43 04
fax : 33-(0)1 69 07 05 38
email : Andre.Klarsfeld at iaf.cnrs-gif.fr


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