Problem to transform E. coli

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> Dears netters,
> I would like to transform pEGFP-N1 into E. coli (DH5-alpha) but it seems
> there is a problem. I use the technique decribed by Hanahan and Meselson. I
> would like to know if anybody has problems transforming GFP into E. coli
> with this technique. If anybody uses another technique, please mail me.
> Sincerely yours,
> Sebastien PARIS
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Your problem may be that EGFP can be toxic in E. coli in media containing
much NaCl. Brendan Cormack (who made the F64L S65T EGFP mutation) told me
about this. I always use LB media without NaCl, and have no problems
moving EGFP plasmids to E. coli.

Good luck,


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