EGFP microscopy

Juan Antonio Juan_Antonio.Contreras at medkem.lu.se
Tue Jul 7 06:09:25 EST 1998


I am just starting to use EGFP (from Clontech) and would like to ask if
somebody out there has a good suggestion for mounting and (specially)
sealing medium for coverslips .The Clontech "handbook" suggests molten
agarose for sealing the coverslips....but I just hate it! (difficult to
handle, samples dry whithin a few hours,...). A suggested alternative is
"rubber cement", but I have not been able to find a supplier in Sweden.
Does anybody where to purchase it in Europe?

I imagine that there has been a  some discussion about these matters in
the past, but I just started now to use Nuntius. If some of you has a
copy of previous threads about GFP and microscopy, please send them to



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