Ultraviolet lamp for GFP detection

Beat Ludin ludin at FMI.CH
Wed Jul 8 10:02:13 EST 1998

heinlein wrote:

>Dear all,
>I would like to screen plants for S65T-GFP fluorescence (excitation 475 nm;
>emission 510 nm) and wonder whether somebody of you could advice me in
>which highly efficient hand-held UV lamp I should get for this purpose.

The UV-excitability of GFP(S65T) is very low so a UV-lamp will be rather 
ineffective. You can use a halogen spot lamp (e.g. a portable 50W or 100W 
video lighting) with an appropriate filter (e.g. 460-490nm) and an 
observation filter (e.g. LP500nm, mounted in goggles for convenience). 
BTW, you can stronlgy increase the blue output of a halogen lamp by using 
a lower-voltage bulb, e.g. a nominal 6V bulb in a 7.2V lamp. This will 
shorten the liftime of the bulb somewhat but it can increase the 
intensity in the blue range several fold.


Beat  :-)

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